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CTC Logo


We’re a team – traders, quants, technologists, and operations professionals. We collaborate to solve tough problems in the most complex and dynamic markets. With creativity and ingenuity, integrity and humility, we innovate.



The buzz of collaboration. The hum of ingenuity. Our meeting rooms and social spaces are enlivened with our team of smart, committed, collegial people – coming together every day to innovate and solve tough market problems. At CTC, it’s not about individual success. It’s about the feeling – and the results – we get from working together.



We know that no one — from our most seasoned traders to our most innovative engineers — has all the answers. So we’ve created an environment where fresh ideas and open dialogue flow freely. At CTC, we cut to the heart of the problem – and the harder the problem, the faster we move to solve it.



At CTC, we do what’s right. The value we place on integrity impacts everything we do – how we price and manage risk, how we collaborate and innovate, and how we shape and evolve our culture.