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Vol Overlay MM Full-Time Chicago, IL Oct 09, 2020

Quantitative Developers at CTC are the architects and builders of the software systems that drive our innovation in modeling, strategy generation, and statistical analysis. Quantitative analysis and research is a key driver of growth and success at CTC, and one of the pillars upon which our firm is built. In this role you will strategically partner with traders, quant researchers, and technologists to build, strengthen, and scale the firm's trading capabilities. As a Quantitative Developer, you will sit embedded on the trading desks, working close to the “tip of the spear” in a dynamic environment. We maintain an environment of collaboration and intellectual curiosity while continually challenging ourselves to stretch the limits of our creativity.

• Develop libraries, applications, and software frameworks that propel innovation in CTC’s trading operation
• Act as an evangelist of standard frameworks, libraries and coding practices, promoting adoption among the quant trader/researcher community via training, documentation, and keeping ease of use top of mind
• Partner with Quantitative Traders and Researchers on R&D and tactical development initiatives involving alpha signal research, systematic and non-systematic trading algorithms, data science, etc.
• Implement production models and model prototypes
• Improve core model and research frameworks
• Ensure CTC’s innovation platform remains state of the art
• Partner and coordinate with core tech teams

Quantitative Developer